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Medical Carragee Tours was recommended to me by a friend. The reason was my intention to do a consultation in a Turkish clinic. I had already made contact with the clinic. Although I am not a patient referred by them, I received valuable advice about my preparation before the first examination. We were sent to a modern laboratory where we did the necessary tests, and at a discount that is only provided to patients of the agency.

The team also made an effort to check my husband and I into the hotel given the early arrival time. Since we were traveling independently, we were given detailed directions on how to get to the hotel and ready assistance if needed. Mrs. Lutfi and I kept in touch by phone regarding check-in, which was seamless. We were accommodated in a hotel that was not far from the clinic and with convenient transportation to the clinic, and close to many attractions around. The hotel was very accurately chosen given our travel goals and my husband and I's desire to see the sights of the city. We were also pleased with the service of the hotel. We received discounts on the nightly rate as clients of Medical Carragee Tours.

I was extremely touched by Mrs. Lutfi's personal attitude towards my problem. She showed concern about how the examination had gone while I was still in Turkey and expressed her willingness for further assistance. In my encounters with her, I have coincidentally been present for her conversations with other patients where she has shown the same commitment and responsiveness.

All the documents related to my examination and travel were prepared in advance, accurately and on time. The company responded with exceptional speed in translating documents that I provided to them at the last minute for reasons beyond my control. I was very impressed by the quick response, accuracy and courtesy of their team.

The team of Medical Karadji Tours and its manager Mrs. Lutfi impressed me with the good organization of the trip, fast and correct translations of medical documents, excellent honesty, responsiveness, kindness and friendly personal attitude.

by E . A . - 38 years old.

For more information about the hospital, the teams and the equipment, you can call +359 879 977 401.
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